1. it reminded me of the primaries – mad, evil manipulators behind the scenes sending in the foot soldiers to kill off the opposition, the unlikely outsider being wounded by "the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune" but eventually triumphing to take the nomination and the sword of state.

    His bint is, of course, a beauty and comes through the process without a scratch and, more importantly, with her makeup, hair and wardrobe in immaculate condition.

    Why, yes! I DO have too much time on my hands. Why do you ask? >};o)

    Phil B

  2. Thanks for posting this. I watched this moving several years ago and i couldn't remember the title.

    Besides for every bad fight scene you showed….I hoped hou would come across this one.

    My bride is from India….so I watch Indian films all the time. I like the Tamil and Telugu movies better than the Hindi ones out of Bollywood.

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