An oldie, but still funny as heck

I noticed this video at the Feral Irishman’s place the other day.  I posted it on this blog back in 2016, but it made me laugh all over again to see it once more:  so I thought you might enjoy it again, too.

Somehow I don’t think that relationship lasted . . .



  1. “ViralBrothers” is a creation of two Czech fellows (Pseudonyms Čeněk Stýblo and Erik Meldik) along with their growing families.

    Via google translate one can get a sense of them from various profiles that have been published in non-English media.

    I get the impression that they come up with scenarios that they think will go viral, and then act them out.

    As far as I can see from Czech wikipedia and the articles mentioned above, Čeněk and his girlfriend from the 2014 video are still happy together.

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