Another great restaurant find

Miss D. and I have found several very good restaurants by sheer happenstance during our travels, and enjoyed them immensely.  We ran into another one yesterday, on our way to Shreveport for a quick business trip.

Scrumbscious Burgers & Pieshakes is in a shopping center in Forney, TX, a little to the east of Dallas, just off US Highway 80.  Feeling hungry, we’d gotten off the highway and were idly glancing at restaurants as we drove through the parking area.  The place caught our eye, and on a whim we decided to try it.  We’re glad we did!

Scrumbscious is a family business, run by a husband-and-wife team (with eight kids, no less, so one understands their urgent need to be able to produce large quantities of tasty food in short order!).  We wandered in to ask what a “pieshake” might be.  Turns out they offer a range of pies (chocolate creme, banana creme, coconut creme, sweet potato, peaches & creme, razzleberry, pecan, strawberry creme and vanilla creme) which can be either eaten in the traditional way, or whipped up with milk and cream into a shake.  Their pieshakes are apparently well-known at the Texas State Fair.  We sampled a chocolate creme pieshake, and it was very tasty.

Intrigued by the story and the atmosphere, we each ordered a Scrumbscious Burger, consisting of two giant patties and cheese with a range of trimmings.  They were IMMENSE!  They have to be the biggest burgers I’ve ever seen anywhere.

The owner assured us that there were twelve ounces of meat in each Scrumbscious Burger – but as Miss D. commented in an awed tone, she must mean cooked weight, not raw!  I’d swear there was more like a pound of meat in there.  There were a range of available toppings, some free, some at additional cost.  I went with grilled onions and mushrooms, and was very satisfied.  My wife had grilled onions and dill pickles.  Side dishes were sweet potato fries for her, onion rings for me – the best-seasoned onion rings I can ever remember eating, too, accompanied by a dipping sauce.  Delicious!

There was no way we could finish such immense portions, but we tried valiantly.  We were far too full for dessert, but wanted to sample the intriguingly named “razzleberry” pie (three different kinds of berry, combined in a single dish), so we ordered one to share.  It was extremely tasty, sweet but not cloying.

We ended up with three takeout boxes, which accompanied us the rest of the way to Shreveport.  We’re tempted to drop in there again on the way back, to pick up takeout for our friends in north Texas;  but we have no way to keep the food hot and fresh on the drive home.  Pity about that.

We’ll definitely be stopping at Scrumbscious again when we pass that way;  and if you find yourself east of Dallas, TX, it’s well worth going out of your way to visit the restaurant.  Just make sure you’re hungry when you get there!



  1. Hey sysadmin… You must be holding your map upside down. Fort Worth is definitely west of Dallas, and Forney is to the east.

  2. Ay caramba!! Those burgers look amazing. I am on the Eternal Quest for the ultimate burger, and a stop in Forney seema mandatory.

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