Be grateful to our nurses

I have two sisters in the nursing profession, and have some exposure to emergency medicine through my involvement with St. John Ambulance in South Africa during my teens and twenties (although not at the level of paramedic/EMT in the USA). I’ve always known that nursing could be not only a thankless profession, but also an extremely distasteful one on occasion.

This is borne out by a thread on, which asks: “What is your most gross, yucky, disgusting nursing horror story?” It’s already 134 pages long, so you can imagine that there are a great many really nasty stories in there. If you’re interested, it’s worth reading, but be warned: it’s not for the squeamish or faint-hearted!

Having read through that thread, it’s a wonder to me that people still want to be nurses! I guess it’s a calling in its own right. Certainly, ladies and gentlemen of that profession, you have a great deal more of my sympathy now than before I read it!


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  1. Re the nursing site: I just spent the better part of two days reading every single post. I think I missed my calling; however, at 66 yrs. old, I may be a bit old to change… I did get a little ‘earpy’ a time or two, but laughed a lot at some of the goings on. I even got my RN sister involved (35+ years a Ped Nurse). sigh I was going to work on my Jeep today, but this interfered. It’s sorta like watching a chain reaction collision under way- you don’t want to watch, you know you shouldn’t watch, but you stare…

    My compliments to you, sir! I’ve been reading your Blog on the reccomendation of LawDawg since it started, and have most thoroughly enjoyed it. It’s entertaining and educational, and I will not miss it! THANK YOU for the time and effort you put into it; it is much appreciated!

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