A bulletproof vest isn’t only proof against bullets

I’m very happy for Officer Larry Ashley of Dallas, TX – and for his family.

Body armor is designed to shield police from flying bullets. But the protective gear took on an unexpected function late Thursday night after an officer’s squad car tangled with a suspected drunk driver in Oak Cliff.

As it turns out, the bulletproof vest is also fence post-proof.

Just before midnight, two squad cars were driving south in the 800 block of Westmoreland Avenue when, police say, the suspect’s Chevrolet Tahoe turned in front of them.

One cruiser collided with the SUV; the other police car crashed into a fence.

A six-foot fence post jammed into the chest of Officer Larry Ashley, 30, but his bulletproof vest kept it from impaling him.

Officer Ashley was in stable condition Friday morning with non-life threatening injuries, police said.

There are more details and a video report here.

Yet another reason for my law enforcement friends to wear their body armor. I’ve heard many of them complain that it’s hot and uncomfortable in the summer months – but without it, Officer Ashley wouldn’t be going home to his family.

Think about that, LE buddies. Please.

(Kit, Lawdog, Matt, this means you!)


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