Doofus Of The Day #171

Today’s Doofus is again from Australia. A tip o’ the hat to Julie for e-mailing the link to me.

A THIEF has bungled an attempt to break in to a car in Adelaide, locking himself inside the vehicle as police arrived.

Police said the man was one of two caught early this morning breaking into cars at Port Noarlunga, in the city’s southern suburbs.

A 28-year-old was found hiding in some bushes while a 53-year-old was found hiding in one of the cars.

“The man, while breaking in to the car, had locked himself inside and couldn’t get out,” a police spokesman said.

How dumb do you have to be to lock yourself inside a car? I thought they all had buttons or switches to open the doors. This particular Doofus must have been particularly gifted in the ‘not-all-there’ department!



  1. I saw an episode of Top Gear featuring a TVR that could explain it.

    The doors lacked traditional handles inside and out. You got in the car by doing something to the side mirror and got out by pressing a button on the dash.

    The whole point of the bit on Top Gear was to see if anyone in a crowd of factory workers could get in and start the engine in less than a minute. They all failed.

  2. I would say kiddie locks, but those only are on the back doors. Maybe he had the misfortune to break into the back of a police car? Or just a normal car with the rear door kiddie locks, and was too dim to realize that the front doors would still work…

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