Doofus Of The Day #29

I love it when doofus crooks get what they deserve!

A pizza delivery driver’s quick defensive maneuver kept him from being a victim of theft and turned the tables on his would-be attacker.

Tim Vaughn, who works for Papa John’s, was sitting in his delivery car at a stop sign on Indianapolis’ east side early Tuesday morning when someone stuck a knife through his window and held it to his throat, telling him to get out of his car, 6 News’ Rick Hightower reported.

In a split-second, Vaughn decided he didn’t want to be injured or worse and took an unusual step that took the would-be robber on an unexpected ride.

Vaughn pulled out his seat belt and wrapped it around the man’s arm.

“I just kind of pulled it out and his arm was sticking in the window, so he was right here,” Vaughn said. “I pulled it out and around and wrapped it and stepped on the gas.”

Vaughn dragged the man alongside his car for three blocks, north on Emerson Avenue, before undoing the seat belt and letting him go.

“He was just screaming, ‘Let me go. Let me go’,” Vaughn said.

. . .

“I didn’t feel like getting stabbed that night,” Vaughn said. “I’d been there for nine hours and just decided the best thing to do would be to get out of it without getting cut.”

Vaughn is a Warren Central High School senior looking forward to graduation.

Outstanding, Mr. Vaughn! If I lived in Indianapolis, I’d buy a pizza from your store, and ask you to make the delivery, just so I could tip you an extra $50 or so as a ‘thank-you’ for taking care of business. Well done, indeed!

The only enhancement I could think of would be to drive all the way to the police station, dragging the doofus along for the ride. However, that probably wouldn’t be politically correct, would it?




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