Doofus Of The Day #552

Today’s winner is from Poland.

A woman in Warsaw, Poland, abandoned her car after she jammed it between two walls trying to reverse away from a car park.

Wiola Nowicka, 67, attempted to turn around in the car park’s narrow driveway once she noticed the high prices she would have to pay.

Nowicka’s bad sense of judgement resulted in the driveway being blocked for five hours, as her car was wedged between the driveway walls.

‘I didn’t mean to be a nuisance,’ said Nowicka. ‘After a few turns I couldn’t go backwards or forwards any more.’

Engineers were able to get the car out from the tight space, with careful inch by inch precision.

There’s more at the link.

I just don’t get it. I mean . . . how can anyone get a car so tightly wedged as that? I’d have thought it impossible! Clearly, she’s an above-average driver, if she can manage that!



  1. I feel really sorry for her. If only she had talked to me first so I could inform her of the pitfalls of weird parking maneuvers. Been there, done that, smiling, but also very embarrassed. 🙂

  2. Pat–
    That's a tow strap, it's how they got the car out sideways, an inch at a time.

    I don't know why she didn't just back out until she could turn around.
    I've got a CDL-A and can parallel park a semi, but the wife can't back out of a 100' driveway- go figure.

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