Doofus Of The Day #908

Today’s award goes to all the racist idiots who tried to use the tragic incident at Cincinnati Zoo, in which a young toddler was injured and a gorilla shot and killed, to instigate racial tensions.  Breitbart reports that “angry black people in social media forums … have been blaming the incident on entrenched white privilege”.

Unfortunately for such idiots, the photographic evidence is clear:

The child was black, not white.

I suppose this proves, yet again, the wisdom of Abraham Maslow:  “I suppose it is tempting, if the only tool you have is a hammer, to treat everything as if it were a nail.”  Since such people can only see the world through racist spectacles, it’s understandable (even though lamentable and detestable) that they should see such an incident in the same light.  However, it also demonstrates their lack of honesty and integrity more clearly than almost anything else could.  They deserve neither our consideration nor our attention.



  1. It's very curious that they automatically assumed that the child was white. That is racism if ever I saw it. Their reactions not only highlight their prejudices but also the (dim) power of their intellect.

    On another note, I haven't seen any explanation as to how the child got into the enclosure in the first place. As a parent who lost his two year old for a couple of minutes in a mall, I shall not throw the first stone.

  2. Adult male gorilla, part of an ongoing endangered species program at Cincinnati zoo.
    Some 480 pounds with terrifically powerful upper body strength. Was reported by the zoo officials as acting disoriented.
    It would have been the matter of seconds for the ape to tear the little boy's head off just by accident.
    I have seen similar cases in Great Smokey Mountains NP where stupid ignorant foolish parents encouraged their kids to go pet the cute bear cubs. And got quite irate when we physically removed them before mama could turn them into bear chow.
    As I understand it a three foot partition, four foot gap, then a 15 foot wall down into a moat. All intended to keep the bear in, not to keep fools and idiots out.

  3. To me, all three of these "angry black activist" Twitter accounts look like trolling by alt-righters who are doing this to parody the "Black Lives Matter" movement.

  4. "They deserve neither our consideration nor our attention."


    They don't deserve our tax dollars either.(Welfare, food stamps. rental assistance, etc.)

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