Everything you wanted to know about the Internet and sex toys (but were afraid to ask)

Fear not:  your curiosity has been satisfied.  CNET has published an analysis of the state of play (you should pardon the expression) in the “connected” sex toy market.  I’m not going to go into details here (for obvious reasons, on a family-friendly blog), but I must admit to being mind-boggled by some of the things out there.  Note, too, the names of some of the companies and Web sites involved.  Weird, yes, but funny too!  Not so funny is the news that such devices may be spying on you, and reporting back to their manufacturers on how, and how often, you use them.  That poses all sorts of security and privacy questions.

I’ve never used a sex toy in my life, so I know very little about them.  I recall, on my first visit to North America, being taken to a sex shop by my sister, who was determined to show her still-somewhat-innocent younger brother what things were like on this side of the Atlantic.  I disconcerted her by bursting out laughing as I looked at a remote-controlled dildo/vibrator.  When she asked why, I told her I had visions of the people in the apartment next door changing their TV channel and sending the thing haywire.  She didn’t find it amusing, but the memory still makes me giggle.



  1. Didn’t and don’t want to know about sex toys, not interested and any women that needs them I ain’t interested in anyway…

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