A couple of long-time readers have e-mailed me, asking me to incorporate the ‘Followers’ widget in my sidebar. A couple of others wanted a picture.

I’ve now added both. You’ll see them on the left. Those of you who’ve registered as followers of this blog will have your icon displayed in that list. Anyone clicking on it will be taken to your Blogger profile.

As for the picture, I hope it doesn’t shatter your monitors! (Of course, it’s not really me. I’m actually a stunning redhead with an hourglass figure – oh, no, wait, that’s Brigid. Sorry. Channeling again!)



  1. Reflectoscope, I’m not all that wise. I wish I was wiser! What I’ve learned is along the lines of the old saying: “Wisdom comes from experience. Experience is what you get when you act unwisely.”


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