For all the coronavirus doubting Thomases out there .

those who still maintain that the coronavirus pandemic is overblown, that it’s no worse than the flu, that the authorities are overreacting and using the pandemic as an excuse to take away our civil liberties . . . sorry, but you’re wrong.

This is the reality of the coronavirus in full swing, in Bergamo in Italy.  Watch for yourselves.

Coming soon to a hospital near you – perhaps with you and your family in starring roles – if we don’t shut down social contact and halt the spread of this disease.

As John Mauldin points out:

Here in the US there’s every reason to think our experience could be far worse than China’s without immediate action. It is not confined to just one city; we have large outbreaks on both coasts and more popping up everywhere. All 50 states now have cases. Worse, we are reacting much later than China did. I am convinced that a rigorous national lockdown and social distancing is the only way to stop this from reaching epically tragic proportions. Yes, it will have a huge economic cost. We just have to collectively pay it. The alternatives are worse.

He’s not joking. Neither is Aesop, who’s already on the front lines of the US health care crisis.  (Note:  doctors and nurses currently account for over 8% of coronavirus cases in Italy.  How long will it take until we reach, or surpass, that proportion in this country?)

We need to listen to other countries, learn from their bitter, hard-won experience, and act accordingly.



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