How many people drink the bathwater?

Fancy a frothy beauty treatment?

The Chodovar Family Brewery in the Czech Republic has come up with just the thing.

According to a review in the Sydney Morning Herald, Australia:

Klara is a balneologist, a master and commander of the bath. She tells us that while a regular tap pipes in locally sourced Il-Sano mineral water, our tubs will also contain 8-10 litres of unpasteurised Chodovar 10, a dark brew that is pouring rapidly from a brass beer font fixed to the foot of each bath. Add some crushed herbs and dried yeast, mix it all together and you have a beer bath, excellent for “soothing muscles, warming joints and healing the complexion”, according to the brewery.

. . .

“It is very beneficial for overall health,” Prokes says. “It increases circulation, decreases blood pressure and purifies the skin because of the proteins, the high vitamin B content and also because of the minerals in the water.” Soaking in beer, he adds, is also very relaxing for the mind and good for wellbeing.

. . .

At a tepid 34 degrees, the bathwater is a little lukewarm for my liking. It’s also somewhat unsettling to see a crusty layer of herbs and beer foam forming on the surface. It’s not at all as sticky as one would imagine but the taste (yes, I drank my own bathwater) is far from palatable.

But a few minutes later, the beer seems to be working its magic. I feel myself relax as we soak quietly, the gentle sound of Ave Maria piping from hidden speakers.

. . .

I had forgotten we need to drive back to Prague.

I can visualise being pulled up and the disbelief on the police officer’s face.

“No officer,” I’d have to explain. “I swear to you, I haven’t been drinking. I’ve only been bathing in beer.”

Y’know, I don’t think that excuse would go down too well where I live. The police would be so horrified at the external, rather than internal, application of beer that they’d arrest you for heresy!


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