Hypocrisy, much?

The so-called “Extinction Rebellion” protests that have swept Europe in recent months came to Germany’s capital, Berlin, on Monday.  A camp was set up in a park to accommodate hundreds of protesters.

Unfortunately for the holier-than-thou, “pure” Extinction Rebellion activists, who (among other things) are protesting the use of fossil fuels such as gasoline or diesel, the camp needed electricity.  Did they use batteries?  Like hell they did!  A Twitter user caught their hypocrisy on video, for all the world to see.

Yes, that’s a generator!  They came to protest fossil fuels, among other things, and then proceeded to burn such fuels themselves so they could keep their phones charged.  They clearly knew they were betraying their own principles, because they tried to hide the generator underneath several pallets, so it wouldn’t be noticed.  Rather than live up to their principles, they took the easy way out.

Hypocrisy, much?



  1. How can you fight climate extinction if you’re not on instagram, twitter, and facebook signalling your virtue, and lecturing the unwashed masses? Maybe lethal, deadly, and horrible carbon pollution is like cholesterol. There’s the good cholesterol, and the bad cholesterol. The activists make good carbon pollution for a noble cause. The rest of us make the other kind.


  2. When those brainless dinks are all living in mud huts, weaving their clothes from plant fibers by hand, walking EVERYWHERE regardless of distance, and, yes, trashcan their smart phones, do not shop for any commercially produced good made by modern production techniques, etc. etc. etc., then they can pontificate all they like. I’m still going to go with what we were created smart enough to safely come up with to better our lot here on planet Earth.

  3. Thinkingman, traditional African and European ‘mud’ huts were actually cow and horse poop and mud huts. Wattle and Daub. So, literally, shite-houses…

  4. Strange. I have a PowerGreen 21w solar charger for backpacking and such, it charges phones and phone batteries quite nicely. It wasn’t that expensive, either.

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