In a crisis, a sense of humor is more essential than ever

Even though things look pretty bleak as the coronavirus pandemic continues unabated, I’m enjoying the memes and jokes that are proliferating through the doom and gloom.  Readers sent me these over the past couple of days:




Laughing at ourselves and our foibles is usually a pretty healthy thing to do.  Let’s do more of it!



  1. Those smiley-spheres in the first one are so cute! They remind me of the Pac-Man puppets I used to have. (As for turn signals, around here, getting people to use those consistently would be amazing!)

  2. My wife is a teacher, and she is more or less reveling in the “work from home” thing, while enjoying the parental discomfort as they find out their kids really are the little monsters they’ve been told they were for years.

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