It’s all in the vocabulary

From Pearls Before Swine yesterday.  Click the image to go to a larger view at the comic’s Web site.

As far as I know, Stephan Pastis is the only cartoonist who regularly incorporates puns into his comics.  He’s halfway there.  Now, if we could just get him to use limericks as well . . .



  1. “He’s halfway there.”

    This is evidence that you are trying to get company during your stay in purgatory……

  2. I’ll have to present the Carpe Pulti Theorem at the 2020 LibertyCon. Gives me time to finish working out the math for the probability function. This revolves around Grant’s Limit, which is where the carpapult goes into automatic firing mode for pun-itive action …

    Now I have to add limericks to the puns; HATE mixing continuous and discrete variables!


  3. Here in Acadiana, “th” sounds are often pronounced “d” by Cajuns and Creoles. An old joke goes like dis, “Little Boudreaux was asked by his teacher to make a sentence using the words “defeat”, “defense”, and “detail”. After a moment, little Boudreaux proudly says, “De feet o’ de cat went o’er de fence before de tail!”.

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