John Stossel on Obamacare

I’ve written in the past about the manifold problems presented by the current Administration’s plans for centralized, subsidized health care. John Stossel, in a piece for ABC’s 20/20 investigative reporting program, puts things into a short but handy perspective. Here it is.

I couldn’t agree more! Obamacare is an abomination, at least as currently planned by the Democratic Party and the Administration. Delenda est Obamacare!



  1. Sooo, I take it you have a health care plan that covers everything and doesn't leave you poor at the end of a long illness? Good for you. Janet

  2. I'd rather be poor and alive at the end of a long illness than die because I was on a waiting list. And I'm speaking as someone with a chronic illness who currently does not have health insurance.

    I posted this video to my Facebook profile!

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