Low, fast and stupid

This video, apparently dating from 2014, shows a Ukrainian Sukhoi Su-24 (a Soviet equivalent to the US F-111) making a very low, very fast pass over other Ukrainian aircraft at the Starokostiantyniv air base.

At that speed, and that (lack of) height, one slip and he’d have been a smear of metal and strawberry jam on the earth . . .



  1. regarding the Mirage pilots' video – notice the scene where the pilot was casually checking his nav chart while hurtling along? We can joke all we want about certain aspects of French society and their lamentable domestic policies, but they do produce some bad-ass warriors who are great allies in the war on terror.

    The lowest pass seems to have been by a Harrier pilot or two in one of the videos I linked to from the Mirage video. Looked to be only about 5 feet off the deck! Crazy…

    Gotta admit, my pulse quickens and pride swells when I see the Angels performing, even in video.

  2. Hi Pete!!!!,
    I know ya' liked that vid!!! Try this one… go to my cover page on fb "Bill Deli" and check out the "Buzz Job" by the Beech 18!! My friend larry found it at "David Garrett> Beech 18/C45/AT-11/SNB Group" It's posted right below the one you posted!!
    Blue skies!!,
    skybill SCR-2034, SCS-680
    PS As an old Skydiver I can say I have seen many!! As the Sun sets, the last load is out of the plane, the Pilot wings his way down and before he brings the bird to the barn he has to do a "Gear Check" before landing!!! 'KnowwhatImean???

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