A magnificent automotive obsession!

Courtesy of fellow blogger Blunt Object, we learn of a gentleman who’s built a rather unique car to participate in the 24 Hours Of LeMons race series.

I’m not sure if you’re familiar with the 24 Hours of Lemons races, but to be very brief the official site describes it as “A nationwide series of endurance races for cars that cost $500 or less”. That $500 includes the purchase AND building costs. The entries are very interesting, the teams are hilarious, and the whole deal raises money for charity. So now that you’ve got a run-down on the competition, let’s see just how far you can stretch that $500 budget with a bit of know-how, a lot of had work, and a sense of humour. This frankenstein hatch-back started out life as a Geo Metro

… which was gutted and then had it’s rear end violated by some Ford V6 goodness from a Taurus donor car …

… awesomeness ensues.

There are many more photographs at the link. For more details, see the original build thread.

The “24 Hours Of LeMons” series looks too cool for school! There are lots of video clips about it on YouTube. Here’s one example.

This evening our landlord and buddy, myself and Miss D. were discussing whether to buy an old beater car and enter it in the nearest event. If Miss D. can drive it the way she flies, we should win every time!

(Hurriedly ducks for cover . . . )



  1. Peter, I sincerely hope you've seen ANY of the episodes for the current BBC incarnation of Top Gear….

    My dad got my husband hooked, and now it's the one thing we all (except Mom, sort of) agree on watching, when we visit them, after the kids go to bed. And my husband is in love with Infinity OnDemand online, because he's been watching Top Gear episodes like mad.

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