Miniature art

Via an article in the Daily Mail, I was led to the Web site of Russian artist Anatoly Konenko. He specializes in creating extremely small works of art – so small, some of them are microscopic in scale! Among them are a camel caravan built inside the eye of a needle:

and this 34mm. (just over 1¼-inch) table, made out of pear wood:

It’s top is made of rosewood, and the elephant is carved from fossilized mammoth bone. The fly is real!

You can see many more of his microminiature creations at his Web site. Here’s a video clip about them.

Human creativity never ceases to amaze me!



  1. Miniature art is an old Russian tradition. For a famous literary reference, see Leskov's story "Lefty."

    If I'm not mistaken, the shoes on Konenko's flea are an allusion to the Leskov classic.

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