More about Cambodian railways

Reader Capt. Craig commented on my earlier video clip of Cambodian home-grown railways, linking to this video, which he says is better than the one I put up.  I had to agree – so here it is.  The ‘home-grown’ action begins at about 1m. 48sec.

I still wonder about the tigers in the Cambodian bush . . . they were there as recently as the Vietnam war era, and I doubt they’ve all moved elsewhere. I’d have thought that the sight of slowly moving edible targets aboard such an unprotected platform would attract their interest!



  1. WWF probably estimates pretty low but according to them the Cambodian tiger population is around 30 these days. Even if they're off by an order of magnitude that's a few cats in a lot of land.

  2. What an elegantly simple, effective idea, literally put into practice.
    One question,….upon coming face to face with a diesel loco, who has to lift their transport off the tracks, if you're in the middle of the bridge over the river?.

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