More politicians who just don’t get it

Readers will recall our ‘Around The Blogs – A Newtown Massacre Special Edition‘ post last weekend, which rounded up many thought-provoking and insightful perspectives on that tragedy.  Amongst other areas of comment, several bloggers pointed out blatant hypocrisy on the part of some politicians and commentators arguing for greater gun control.  (No surprise there, of course . . . )

I ran across a couple of other examples over the past few days.  First, apropos the calls for gun control, how about these two stories?

Gun control would have done nothing to prevent or minimize these tragedies.  Those calling for it should stop ranting how it will reduce murders and violent crime.  It won’t.  It never has, not in the whole of history.  Those who can’t obtain guns will use other weapons.  That’s reality.

Second, the compassion fascists are at it again:

That’s all very well, provided that aid to the poor actually reaches the poor!  The history of First World poverty relief aid to the Third World is a dismal one of racketeering, corruption, crime and dishonesty.  Third World dictators have amassed fortunes measured in the tens, hundreds and even thousands of millions of dollars, thanks to foreign aid donated without oversight and monitoring.  Taxpayers in the UK (and the US, and other First World nations) are understandably getting fed up with seeing their hard-earned money thrown away in this fashion.

Distrust all simple, facile appeals to emotion.  They’re usually ignoring or leaving out at least some of the facts.


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  1. According to Mayor Bloomberg, gun homicides are caused by guns, but people pushing other people in front of subways is the result of mental health issues.

    I see no inconsistency there, do you?

    Don in Oregon

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