Moving – Day 2

Ah, the joys of moving house . . .

1. Use the master bathroom for the first time and discover that the toilet, when flushed, leaks water from its base onto the floor. Not good – or hygienic.

2. Use kitchen taps for the first time and find that when you twist the tap to turn the water on, the entire tap turns, not just the handle.

3. Call landlord (a personal friend). Landlord uses rude word (or two, or three, or . . . ). Plumber will be here on Thursday. Until then, please use second bathroom, OK? Pretty please?

4. Stub toes on endless series of boxes and bags, all of which are laying all over the place. I swear some of them have mated overnight and borne offspring, all of whom are actively plotting to trip me ass-over-teakettle every time I pass.

5. Telephone line transferred today from old house to new one (including new number). Connect modem to check that DSL is active. It isn’t. Spend half an hour tinkering – no joy. Eventually, in desperation, try unplugging telephone from other half of DSL filter jack. Suddenly DSL works fine! Clearly, what was a working configuration at the old place isn’t going to work here. Find other places to plug in phones, so that DSL modem can have a connection to itself. (I suppose I should re-wire the connections, but since this is a short-term rental, it’s not worth the fuss and bother.)

6. Meet neighbors’ cat in driveway. Cat (very furry, very fat, very friendly) immediately tries to follow me indoors, urgently indicating imminent starvation, and pointing out that I don’t have a cat indoors to keep me company. Must . . . resist . . . mrrow? . . . feline . . . mind . . . meeeow! . . . control . . .

7, Washer, drier and freezer supposed to be delivered today. Guess what? Yep – make that Thursday. Call purchaser of my old home, ask permission to delay final move-out until Thursday so that I’ll have somewhere to put my frozen food when I remove it from the old freezer (which she’s bought, along with other major appliances). Fortunately, no problem.

8. Supposed to have two people work with me this afternoon on getting more boxes over here. Guess what? Yep – no-shows. Make alternative arrangements (with other people) for tomorrow morning. Closing scheduled for tomorrow afternoon, so I’ll have to stop moving boxes and get showered before heading into town for the signing.

9. Food. Ah. Yes. I’m hungry, but haven’t unpacked any cans. Pizza! Pizza! (Diet? What diet?)

10. Neighbor’s cat likes pizza.



  1. You wrote: 10. Neighbor's cat likes pizza.

    That explains the 'very fat'!

    As for the 'very friendly', it's obvious that it read your old post on feline help with 1911 assembly, and is hoping to get some more parts for his/her collection!

  2. Sorry you're so far away! I'd be there with a full assortment of fix-it tools and enough coffee to make shorter work of what needs to get done! And as we found out at our (recent) 18th anniversary, making fresh ravioli is a breeze – so food would be a non-issue too!

    Regardless, one thing I'm certain of, you have a marvelous capability to improvise, adapt and overcome impediments – even the mind-control of friendly cats!

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