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With the current shortage of firearms for sale, caused by the coronavirus pandemic and the panic buying it’s sparked, I know some people really need a firearm, but can’t find one at a price they can afford.

There are two major online sources I’ve used in the past, that aren’t seeking to profiteer from the current panic, and ask fair and reasonable prices for their goods (at least, they do at the time of writing).  They are, in alphabetical order:


There are many more online vendors, of course, but I happen to know these two from personal experience, and I’ve been a repeat customer at both (I bought parts from CDNN just yesterday).  I can therefore honestly recommend them, which I can’t do for vendors with whom I have no experience.  They haven’t asked me to promote them, and they’re not compensating me in any way for mentioning them.

To buy a gun from them, you’ll do an online transaction, then they’ll ship the firearm to a licensed dealer near you.  There, you’ll fill out the necessary paperwork for the required background check, and take delivery when it’s been completed.

As for ammunition, both vendors have some available, but that’s not their primary stock in trade.  It’s in short supply almost everywhere right now.  Good luck!



  1. I have purchased many times from CDNN…to the point that I almost avoid their ad emails and their web site to avoid buying another firearm! Great place to buy from, and shipping is quick – normally have my order in two days. And they have an FFL finder as part of the checkout process to help you locate an FFL near you that is already on file with them.

    I have also had good luck with Palmetto State Armory. Admittedly, I have purchased more AR parts kits from them than firearms, but the ones that I have purchased has been an easy and smooth process.

  2. Contact your local dealer first before just getting something shipped to them blind.

    We have one local gun dealer who will charge $100 for a blind transfer.

  3. I actually do not know how many purchases I have made through Buds Gun Shop. It’s new guns, yes, but they are also the vendor that handles many of the transactions for egunner online auctions (those that list “property room” as the vendor). I think I’ve gotten at least 40 items at those auctions. Mostly firearms, but other things as well. Ammo, optics, holsters, etc. A lot of the items are unclaimed evidence form various law enforcement agencies around the country. Yeah, I’ve made some good deals, and some not so good. It’s not easy to evaluate the condition of the item from the few pictures available. But I digress…Buds is definitely a solid, reliable outfit! I had a small problem with a new pistol I got from them, and they made it right in short order. No muss, no fuss, just gitter done!

  4. On another note, guns don’t perform very well without ammunition, which is coming into short supply many places. The best search tool I’ve found is For certain applications, it requires a membership, but for specific ammo type, manufacture, etc. the first 100 results are free, and hotlinked, takes you right to the vendor’s site. Use the “Modify Search” to choose whatever specifics you want included in the search.

  5. I have used to find the lowest price on guns for online purchases. It has saved me quite a bit of money. But with things the way they are now, you have to make sure you are buying from a good dealer as well. Buds is one that I have bought in the past. Palmetto is who I bought my current carry gun from.
    I also have bought from, and They both have good prices on guns most times, as well.
    To be honest, I have never had any problem with any of the places I have bought guns from online. The all delivered either on or before the date promised, the gun arrived as promised, and on one occasion I had a problem with ammo,they sent me the Ammo for another customer. I called them,they sent me a label to return it to them,and sent me my correct Ammo next day air. I think they had a guy on the loading dock mix the labels up.
    I like Buds because they don’t charge shipping. My FFL raised his price from 20$ to 25$ in January for doing the paperwork. Plus, the BATFE no longer will use my CCW as the background check. They are not saying it,but it is because Michigan passed recreational marijuana. They are just being crappy to Michigan, in retaliation.

  6. What about swords instead? I don’t like knives because no matter how good you are, you will get cut. However, I’ve owned guns and have never hand the interest in them (although I am a fanatical 2nd amendment advocate)

  7. kurt9, you may have trouble getting a decent sword at this time. Cold Steel is based in California, so they’re shut down. is still up, they’re a distributor, so you may want to check with them to see what they have in stock. They have a functional sword category, don’t get the ceremonial stuff like my uncle did!

    The good swordsmiths generally have a backlist of months. Albion Swords and Kirby Wise make the best IMHO, but you will pay $$ and wait.

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