Rather too close for comfort!

Here’s an amazing video clip of humpback whales feeding very close indeed to a kayak (I understand somewhere off the Canadian Pacific coastline, although I haven’t been able to confirm that).

I’m not sure whether it was a good idea for them to get that close . . . but perhaps they didn’t have much option, if the whales came to them rather than the other way around. Still a brown-trouser moment, for sure!



  1. They are lucky… period… And I find it interesting they don't get in trouble for this kind of behaviour. If we did this, there would be lawsuits out the ass…

  2. I doubt a hungry whale would pay much attention to a kayak any more than they would an errant bit of driftwood.

    That said if they had some reason to take that kayak as a threat, I wouldn't want to be those two at all!


  3. Dumbasses; people get hurt and killed all the time because they forget that wild animals are wild, and not characters in a Disney cartoon.

  4. reminds me of some of the footage from the movie DUNE. Of the sand worms coming up from under the sand and broaching.

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