So much for the evil, racist, bitter-clinger gun nuts of Richmond!

Photographs taken at today’s demonstration against Second Amendment restrictions in Richmond, Virginia.  All are sourced from various Web sites, and have been posted multiple times, so I don’t know their origin.  If anyone took them and wants them removed, or a copyright acknowledgment, I’ll be glad to comply.






And did you notice how much of the left-wing mainstream media went dead silent on the subject, as soon as it became clear that the protesters were basically decent, law-abiding citizens protesting legislative overreach?  They wanted to blare banner headlines about racists and white nationalists – few, if any of whom made an appearance.  Only Fox News covered the protest in any detail, for which kudos to them.



  1. I was there. I’ve NEVER seen a more peaceful riot 🙂

    Peter, love blog and your books, and respect your opinion. However, I’m delighted to say you were wrong about this one.

    As ever, the Babylon Bee nails it:

    Seriously, it was a great crowd. Everyone polite, respectful, most laughing and having a good time hanging out with fellow PotG. As hard as the WaPo tried to spin it even they had good things to say about the people at the rally/lobby day. A fine day. Got in to see my legislators and gave them a piece of my mind, which was the whole point of the day: Go tell your representatives what you think and how they can best represent you.

  2. @Brother Pilot: I’m very glad to have been wrong. Nevertheless, I think that if anyone had started something out of line, the response would have been swift and draconian, and the mainstream media would have jumped all over it. Success today was due to the self-control and maturity of the pro-2A demonstrators. Kudos to them all.

  3. I think the single, most poignant, picture I saw today was… someone with a Hong Kong flag. What is so sad is that so many won’t understand what the flag was or what it symbolized.

    What a better example of why our forefathers said the right to be armed comes not from government but from our Creator.

  4. Great.
    I very happy they didn’t rack up a body count this time.
    And they managed to not shoot themselves in the feet.
    Tactical genius level skillz there.

    And accomplished…what, exactly?
    Gov. changed his mind? No.
    Legislature pulling any anti-gun bills? No.
    They’re ready to stop further constitutional abuses by doing what, currently?

    So complete public circle jerk? Accomplished.

    And Woodstock ended the Vietnam War how many years later?

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