Strange furniture – but interesting

I’m obliged to Mary K. for sending me a couple of e-mails giving details of some rather odd-looking furniture designs that are nonetheless interesting.

From Animi Causa we have the ‘Feel seating system’, as they call it. It’s 120 soft round balls, covered with an elastic material, which can be positioned in any way one can imagine them. Click the picture for a larger image.

The next is a rocking bed from Private Cloud, a German company.

Strange-looking, but again, interesting. I don’t know how safe it would be to get too energetic on or in it, though!

I’m neither a traditionalist or a modernist when it comes to furniture – in fact, economy is usually my watchword. Still, it’s nice to have one’s imagination stretched by designs like these.



  1. That bed might be a nice alternative to the hospital bed for following doctor’s instructions to ‘elevate the head of the bed’ to minimize damage from gastric reflux (for example).

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