Sunday morning music

Today’s music was automatically chosen by this video of a dumbass robber in Denver, which I found over at IOTWReport.  It qualifies for a Doofus Of The Day award – I mean, really?  Dropping his gun and his trousers? – but since it’s Sunday, you get it as a freebie.

After that, what else could I play but the Benny Hill Show theme (originally known as “Yakety Sax“)?

And for those who never saw the theme “in action”, as it were, here’s the conclusion to one of Benny Hill’s TV episodes.

And another one:



  1. That’s impressive.

    It looks like the front sight of the pistol snagged on his pocket, causing it to slip from his grasp as he drew. Even better it lands on the /cashier’s/ side of the counter.

  2. I love the semi-auto pistol without side-grips clearly showing no mag in the well. Unless Doofus has one up the spout, gun was unloaded.

  3. I’ve seen footage from another angle that shows it ejecting something from the grip frame as it lands. Speculation suggests an air pistol ejecting its CO2 cartridge.

  4. That’s how some of those CO2 pistols get access to the air cylinder, by removing the grip(s).
    The way the clerk picks up the gun, it appears she might have been intending on handing it back to him. Yes, some people can be that dumb.

  5. Unknown:

    Absent the CCTV footage, I would be tempted to call it a donation.

    On the other hand, that gun probably has a history of being involved in crime, so maybe I don’t want it.

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