Sunday morning music

This video clip (or, rather, a link to it) was sent in by one of my readers, who wishes to remain anonymous – presumably for fear of the composer’s revenge!  It’s the legendary Spike Jones and his orchestra, playing what’s described as a “Tchaikovsky medley”.  I bet the even more legendary Russian never even dreamed that his music would be subjected to torture re-interpretation like this!

Oh, well . . .

There are many Spike Jones videos on YouTube, where his musical and comic genius shines through.  Great fun, if you’re in the mood for some really light (and light-hearted) music.  Here, for example, is a not-quite-performance of the Poet and Peasant Overture by Franz von Suppé.



  1. Long ago, Grandma gave me an LP of Spike Jones tunes and I asked a friend to dub it to cassette for me. Evidently he was NOT ready for it and did it all in one (or two) go(es). Next I saw him, he gave me the LP, the cassette, and instructions to NEVER put him through that again. I had no problem listening to the tape beginning to end in one go…

  2. I grew up with Spike. Be sure to look up something titled what sounds like Beetlebomb, which I think is actually (maybe) Beetlebaum. (It’s a horse race.)

    Also, check out Brother Dave Gardner. One of my favorites is Daniel In The Lions Den, which is not listed, but it’s one one of his albums.

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