The Virginia crisis: where’s the evidence of wrongdoing?

I’m obliged to Daily Timewaster for posting this video comment on the lead-up to today’s protest in Richmond, Virginia.  The author makes some very good points.

He’s right.  If a crime has been committed, or the authorities know that a crime is being planned, arrest those responsible and charge them.  Don’t penalize the entire citizenry of a state for the alleged – but so far unproven – plans, crimes or motivations of a few.  That’s not how the rule of law works . . . but then, in Virginia today, one questions how seriously the rule of law is being taken by the powers that be.  After all, they’re changing those laws as fast as they can, so that yesterday’s law-abiding citizen is about to be made into a criminal by the stroke of a legislative pen, rather than anything he or she has actually done.

It’s not about the rule of law.  It’s about the rule of ideology, and the imposition of the views of the ideologically “pure” upon those they see as the “bitter clinger” citizens of their state.

That’s a recipe for disaster, right there.



  1. Remember TJIC? They just took his guns on a hunch. That was retail, thisis wholesale but it comes from the same ideological root.

  2. I’m thinking the Rule of Law doesn’t really apply anymore. Favored politicians can break actual laws & get off while not favored politicians get charged without actually naming any laws.

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