Try eating that in one sitting!

I’m dumbfounded to find that a gift Web site has created what it calls the ‘Party Gummy Bear‘.

This 26-pound [11.8 kg] candy beast ensures that your shindigs have no equal.

Imagine the shock of your party goers when they realize that your 32,000-calorie gummy bear also features an integrated one-liter serving bowl! Serve punches, candies, or even more gummy bears from within this seventeen-inch-long confection.

There’s more at the link. Scroll down that page to read more, see more pictures, and view a rap music video celebrating the thing (if you’re into that sort of thing – I’m not, so I won’t embed it here). The beast is available in four flavors (Blue Raspberry, Green Apple, Orange and Red Cherry). The ‘bowl’ in its ‘stomach’ can be filled with solid or liquid merriment, according to the occasion. I’m not sure whether the price is worth it, though . . . they’re listed at $149.99 apiece.

I like Gummy Bears. I’ve been known to eat them on more than one occasion, and not in small quantities. However, the concept of trying to consume 32,000 calories of Gummy Bear . . . it’s enough to give me a stomach-ache just thinking about it!


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