Ukraine: ain’t we got fun?

Well, here’s a development I didn’t expect!

DOH! Did You Know There’s a Treaty Between the USA & Ukraine Regarding Cooperation For Prosecuting Crimes?

My goodness. It was passed when Joe Biden was a member of the U.S. Senate and then signed by then-President Bill Clinton.

A comprehensive treaty agreement that allows cooperation between both the United States and Ukraine in the investigation and prosecution of crimes.

It appears President Trump was following the law to the letter when it comes to unearthing the long-standing corruption that has swirled in Ukraine and allegedly involves powerful Democrats like Joe Biden and others.

There’s more at the link.

Why haven’t we heard a word about this from the mainstream media, or the Democratic Party?

Hmmm . . .



  1. Hey Peter;

    You know the narrative “Orange man bad…” The swamp will protect its own, that is why Hillary, Comey and the others will never see a jail cell. Those people operate on a totally different set of rules than we do.

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