An unforeseen danger leads to tragedy

I’m very sad to read of the tragic death of a doctor in Florida. The Sun Sentinel reports:

Dr. Michelle Ferrari-Gegerson, 37, was discovered lying unconscious on the bedroom floor of her Pinetree Estates home around 9 p.m. Dec. 24, authorities said.

. . .

An electronic massager was found lying on the floor near Ferrari-Gegerson, police said. Paramedics pronounced her dead at the scene.

BSO detectives and the Broward Medical Examiner’s Office suspect that the massager became tangled with a necklace Ferrari-Gegerson was wearing and quickly tightened around her neck.

There’s more at the link.

I’m citing that report here because of the very unusual nature of this incident. I’ve used neck massagers myself, and I’m sure many of my readers have, too. I’d hate to think that any of us might suffer the same fate as the unfortunate Dr. Ferrari-Gegerson.

The make and model of the massager in question haven’t been revealed as yet: but, if you or your loved ones own any sort of neck massager, it might be worthwhile to take additional precautions, and to remove any jewelry before using it.


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  1. Peter, we always ask the clients to remove any jewelry before we start the massage, too. Rings are generally okay (usually being difficult to remove), but necklaces, bracelets, and especially giant earrings are a no-no. I'd hate to be doing a neck massage and accidentally snag an earring and yank it out…OUCH.

    Too bad this lady didn't think things through before firing up her massager.

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