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A few hours ago I posted about how crime was increasing in many jurisdictions due to the release of felons from prison, thanks to concerns over the spread of coronavirus.  I also mentioned other factors contributing to the rise in crime, including that many police forces are no longer responding to, or even recording, what they consider “minor” or “non-violent” crimes.  Sucks to be told the law enforcement that your taxes pay for isn’t going to help you if you’re a victim of crime, doesn’t it?

Well, guess what I just learned?

During the coronavirus outbreak and beginning Tuesday morning, Cincinnati police officers will no longer respond in person to the following reports:  criminal damaging, dog bites, lost property, lost or stolen license plates, phone harassment, property damage or found property.

Police will no longer respond to assault reports, unless a suspect is still present or the victim requires medical attention, breaking and entering reports unless a suspect is still present, menacing reports “unless suspect is expected or threatens to return or is part of the elements of domestic violence” or theft reports “where there is no possibility of immediate apprehension”.

Police are asking victims to report those crimes through the online or telephone reporting system.

There’s more at the link.

Cincinnati thus joins the long, long list of cities and jurisdictions that have abdicated their crime-fighting and civil protection responsibilities.  Therefore, I can only recommend that you, dear reader, take steps to ensure that you don’t need the assistance of the police who are so willfully neglecting their obligation “to protect and to serve“.  If they will no longer do so, feel free to protect and serve yourself and your loved ones by any legal means necessary, then call the cops to clean up any resulting mess.  After all, if you do it thoroughly, the suspect will, indeed, still “be present” and offer the “possibility of immediate apprehension”.  However, he’ll (hopefully) no longer be in a position to commit any more crimes, at least in the short term.


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  1. Will they respond when the B&E perp has three 357Mag holes in them? Hearts and minds – two in the chest and one in the head.

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