When the drug wars turn hot, who do you call?

Why, John Cronin, of course, the protagonist in Jim Curtis’ “Grey Man” series of novels.  The latest in the series, a novella titled “The Grey Man – Down South“, has just been published.

Jim’s a good friend in meatspace and cyberspace, so I had the privilege of beta-reading this novella for him.  It’s fast-paced and interesting.  What’s more, those who’ve “been there and done that” tell me that his descriptions of the seamier aspects of the war on drugs in South America are right on the money.

The blurb reads:

After too much action, too much peace gets on a man’s nerves. John Cronin’s back from Vietnam and bored, when Billy Moore suggests he check out the brand new Drug Enforcement Agency. He’d expected paperwork and meetings; he got on-the-job training in South America with stakeouts gone wrong and ambushes exploding into firefights.

This isn’t Cronin’s first rodeo, and now he’s taking the fight to the cartels, from the laboratories hidden deep in the highland jungles to the enforcers in the cities and secure compounds!




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